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Thank you for visiting my site,


Thank you for coming and looking at my photos, videos and race information.  I generally race every two weeks at Arena Essex Racetrack.  I try to upload the photos as often as I can.

You are always welcome to come and visit and spectate.

Thank you again,


Albert Webster (age 10)


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  • Cheryl Crewe (Saturday, January 18 14 09:00 pm GMT)

    Albert you are an amazing young man... So so talented and we are very proud of you!
    Keep up the fantastic work... What an inspiration you are....

  • Alfie Jarrett jnr (Monday, September 16 13 07:56 pm BST)

    Shake n Bake - great video of you flying past me !!

  • chris (Sunday, August 11 13 02:53 pm BST)

    hi albert - bradley green (my grandson). is away on hol. nissed racing dreadfully so went on go-karts. can u give me the results of 10th Aug. hope u did

  • callum searle (Wednesday, July 31 13 06:01 pm BST)

    well done albert got the gold paint out mate

  • dad and mum (Wednesday, July 31 13 07:28 am BST)

    WELL DONE ALBERT for winning the RTS mini-sprint world cup on Saturday.....a new gold roof and starting at the back of the grid for a whole year....We love you

  • Harry (Saturday, July 27 13 06:56 pm BST)

    Just seen the results from 13th July. Great performance. Well done young man. Keep it up. We'll See if we can get up with Tyler and Ryan to see you race in August.

  • Dad (Tuesday, July 09 13 01:44 pm BST)

    What a great experience eh son !Don't worry about what happened.....that's racing. Mum and the girls and i are all proud of you. X

  • Sam Kershaw (Friday, July 05 13 05:45 pm BST)

    Hi Albert, I hope that you win tomorrow and I will see you in 29 days..... lots of love Sam. oo (hugs)

  • Sam Kershaw (Thursday, June 13 13 08:47 pm BST)

    Hi Albert, looking forward to seeing you race soon, we miss you. x

  • ALfie Jarrett JNR (Sunday, April 28 13 07:23 pm BST)

    Great to meet you yesterday Albert - I enjoyed racing with you - thanks for putting the great photos and videos on your web site. Maybe we can practice together in the summer holidays . See you

  • katelyn (150) Parrin (Sunday, April 28 13 10:29 am BST)

    Well done Albert, and thank you for making us feel welcome

  • Shirley Thomas (Monday, April 08 13 10:54 am BST)

    Well done on your recent success, I must try some of your porridge to see if it helps me. xx

  • callum searle (Sunday, April 07 13 08:26 pm BST)

    well done to albert today for getting 2nd in the final well do mate see u
    you saterday callum252

  • Harry (next door). (Thursday, February 07 13 07:36 pm GMT)

    Great stuff Albert - very exciting. Not long before you're beating your Dad. Also like the article in 7oaks Chronicle.

  • Cheryl Crewe (Tuesday, January 29 13 10:57 am GMT)

    Albert you are amazing young man!!... Keep going boy!!. Champion!! X

  • DAD (Monday, January 28 13 09:46 pm GMT)

    Great racing again Albert....we are proud of you.
    Mummy and Daddy

  • Alan Cooper 391 (Monday, January 28 13 09:23 am GMT)

    Great racing with you yesterday young man, well done, see you at the next meeting.

  • Charlene Ashley (Monday, November 05 12 02:39 pm GMT)

    Fantastic Well Done Albert keep up the great racing!!

  • Peter Hilliard (Wednesday, September 19 12 09:01 am BST)

    I hope you have a lot of fun racing your Mini Sprint and it helps you up the ladder in the Sport'




Albert raced well in his first Junior Hot Rod Meeting at the RTS Expo 21st January 2016 - Car and driver safely finished. Looking forward to next race on Saturday the 12th of March.  



Saturday 12th March 2016  RTS ARENA ESSEX 


Round 5 of the Winter Nationals

 Stock Rods,  Street Stocks, Ninja Sprints karts, Superstox, Junior Hot Rods,

 Euro Rods,  Euro Sprints,


Start 6pm





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