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Mini Sprints - Arena Essex - Rolling Thunder Show - 30 March 2013

Another FREEZING night up at arena Essex racetrack - it was the coldest meeting this year and all the youngsters struggled to keep warm - especially when a few crashes held up the racing and they had to sit on the track waiting for everyone to be checked and given the all clear.  It was dry though !


Although a few bumps all drivers were OK and another great night of racing. 


Albert got a second in the final and seemed to have got his confidence back - he was driving fantastically well.  Callum Searle was on fire - he was steaming through everyone and drove fantastically all night.  A big well done to ALL the drivers and great to see Ben MacGregor back out there along with Finley Wells who although had a bump did fantastic considering he is new to racing -a definite driver to watch.





Albert raced well in his first Junior Hot Rod Meeting at the RTS Expo 21st January 2016 - Car and driver safely finished. Looking forward to next race on Saturday the 12th of March.  



Saturday 12th March 2016  RTS ARENA ESSEX 


Round 5 of the Winter Nationals

 Stock Rods,  Street Stocks, Ninja Sprints karts, Superstox, Junior Hot Rods,

 Euro Rods,  Euro Sprints,


Start 6pm





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