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Mini Sprints - Arena Essex - Rolling Thunder Show - 13 October 2012

An eventful night at Arena Essex with the weather pretty chilly and at some points raining.  The track was very wet and slippery and causing lots of spin outs and crashes throughout the night.  Ollie Owen had a fantastic win in the first heat - he was flying.  Albert off the pace for the first three races, we think he finds the wet is a bit scary - we were pleased that he took his time and had a safe night.  Albert really feels the cold (he has a body like a sparrow) and after sitting waiting for race 3 for 20 minutes he was physically shuddering from the cold.  He decided not to go into the final as he was too cold.  How wonderful it was that Ollie Owen number 73 went and asked for a trophy for Albert - and he was given one - Albert was really chuffed.  THANK YOU OLLIE OWEN you really are a lovely lad.  It was first nights racing for Tracey Goodchilds boy Ben MacGregor he did fantastic and a HUGELY impressive doughnut by the exit after one of the heats! - Tracey did well holding it together.


A great nights racing with a great bunch of families.




Albert raced well in his first Junior Hot Rod Meeting at the RTS Expo 21st January 2016 - Car and driver safely finished. Looking forward to next race on Saturday the 12th of March.  



Saturday 12th March 2016  RTS ARENA ESSEX 


Round 5 of the Winter Nationals

 Stock Rods,  Street Stocks, Ninja Sprints karts, Superstox, Junior Hot Rods,

 Euro Rods,  Euro Sprints,


Start 6pm





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