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Mini Sprints - Arena Essex - Rolling Thunder Show - 14th September 2013

A busy night in the mini sprints - a lot of drivers out - about 17.


Albert's engine was taken after racing on the 24th of August as a complaint to RTS had been made concerning his speed.  The engine was removed from the kart as soon as it had finished racing and sent up to RPM - the results ? Albert is running under power and has a blockage in his carburetor. Those issues have now been resolved - Albert will now go a little faster!  


Albert had a great night and really enjoyed the racing - even better that it stayed dry !  Thank you Alfie Jarrets dad (see video!) for putting him back straight after his spins.


A 3rd in the final - means another trophy for mum to find a hiding place for!

See you all in 2 weeks.




Albert raced well in his first Junior Hot Rod Meeting at the RTS Expo 21st January 2016 - Car and driver safely finished. Looking forward to next race on Saturday the 12th of March.  



Saturday 12th March 2016  RTS ARENA ESSEX 


Round 5 of the Winter Nationals

 Stock Rods,  Street Stocks, Ninja Sprints karts, Superstox, Junior Hot Rods,

 Euro Rods,  Euro Sprints,


Start 6pm





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