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Sponsorship hugely appreciated from :

The one and ONLY reason why Albert is able to race at every race meeting is because of the tireless work his uncle Jason put's in for him.  Jason maintains, tweaks, plays, re-builds, mends Alberts kart as and when needed and more recently has had to get it completely straightened out because of a few knocks !


Thank you JASON HILLIARD (Eurorod 47), its because of you that Albert is able to compete and we know how much time late in the evenings and over weekends that you have put in for your nephew - WE REALLY APPRECIATE IT JAY


Thank you SO MUCH from all of the WEBSTERS  



A big thank you goes out to Grandad Peter (Eurorod 100) & Grandma Linda for purchasing the minisprint at the beginning of the season to get Albert racing in January 2012 just 2 months after his 6th birthday. 


Without you he wouldnt be having this much fun !!  


Thank you to my wonderful grandparents,




We have received a great deal of input from the king of RACETEC Gary Thomas otherwise known as GT (Eurorod 55 - Current Champion of the Eurorods)


GT has provided us with all the karts stickers and has helped us get Alberts kart right, his knowledge and expertise and generosity is HUGELY appreciated.  Thanks GT ! 



South East Timber & Damp Limited sponsor Albert in purchasing his equipment, namely overalls, boots, helmet, gloves, safety equipment, travelling costs, fuel, entry and upkeep.


His mum and dad (eurorod 2) the owners of South East Timber & Damp Limited also provide him with the hugs and cuddles when things dont go as well as planned !







Albert raced well in his first Junior Hot Rod Meeting at the RTS Expo 21st January 2016 - Car and driver safely finished. Looking forward to next race on Saturday the 12th of March.  



Saturday 12th March 2016  RTS ARENA ESSEX 


Round 5 of the Winter Nationals

 Stock Rods,  Street Stocks, Ninja Sprints karts, Superstox, Junior Hot Rods,

 Euro Rods,  Euro Sprints,


Start 6pm





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